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the daily spew

Friday, July 09, 2004

Oh where, oh where has my little muse gone

I want to start off by apologizing to those of you who stop by looking for something new only to find the cupboard is bare. I have been trying to write lately but my muse has not been well focused. Writing can be a difficult exercise moreso if you cannot maintain your mental focus. It becomes almost impossible when you are falling asleep when you concentrate.

For several years I have suffered unknowingly from sleep apnea. You never realize how much something is wearing you down until you get so that you never feel better than tired. I can honestly say that after a week of having a decent nights sleep that my head feels better and I don't feel sluggish in the morning. I'm not back to 100% though.

When my muse is through yawning and reawakens I will have plenty to say. Hopefully between now and then I might be able to squeeze out a few words.


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