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Friday, September 03, 2004

The Tale of the Great Whatsit (part deux)

Over at the Pan Galactic Bloggerblaster the other day, Nate regaled his readers with The Tale of the Great Whatsit. We were told the horrible truth about the Whatsit and why we are mad at it.

What you don't know... What the Whatsit would never let you know... is there is actually only one machine, and the Whatsit built the damned thing. It only looks like three machines. The machine doesn't actually harm the Whatsit at all. In fact, the cranking of the cranks actually gives the Whatsit quite a buzz. So while you are scurrying about investigating cranks and levers, spending money on Crank Ads, and trying to convince your friend that one crank is far more effective than the others... The Whatsit is happily mocking you, robbing you blind, sleeping with your wife, and generally being an Ass. Which, now that I think of it, is why you are in fact mad at the Whatsit in the first place...

The truth is that I do not believe in the System. I haven't for years. There are too many things in the history of this country that don't quite add up. With that said, I can state that I still vote. Why? I will come back to that momentarily. The Great Whatsit needs to have some flesh added to its bones.

The Great Whatsit is exactly what Nate claims it to be - it is a distraction for the masses. Folks come and tinker and pull levers and try to figure out what makes the Whatsit tick. Some continue to play with it in utter fascination; attracted by the spectacle that it makes of itself. Others get bored and go home never to return. Still other look upon it and wonder who is pulling the Whatsits levers.

The Whatsit is composed of the government and the media. They create the circus that distracts the great mass of folks from lever pulling that goes on from behind the curtain. Those that pull the levers of the Whatsit and create the Great Spectacle are not kings, they are kingmakers. They do not govern, they advise. Most of all, they wish to control those who rule. Their darkest fear is those whom they cannot control. Who are these kingmakers and power brokers? For many they are household names and they can be found inside the pages of The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline.

Watching the news even the sees that players in the two rings of the circus put on by the Great Whatsit look and sound the same. And having seen exactly what the Whatsit wanted them to see, they decide to stay home. Some get mad and stay home, other see the whole thing as futile. Either way, they give the Whatsit exactly what its masters want. Fewer and fewer people to control. Fewer voters to go vote.

Why would the Whatsit want fewer voters? Would it not be better to have more attracted to the specatcle? The short answer is no. If you are a minority and you wish to rule a majority, you must first convince the majority to not participate. Those then that choose to stay in, you have to convince that there are only the choices that you have laid before them. Anyone who doesn't subscribe to your plan you marginalize or convince them to stay home.

By now it should be reasonably clear how you cannot believe in the system and still participate. Every time I pull the lever (in this case for L) I know that I am telling those that want to control me to take a hike. I know that I am not completely free of their machinations, but I desire to be and will work until I take my last breath to see them brought before the public and hanged.

Yes Nate, there is a Great Whatsit and there are many evil folks that control it. It is time my friends to drive them from our temple.


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