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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I'm thinking crab for dinner

The BBC is running a story about an invasion of giant red king crabs invading from Russia.

Environmentalists and fishermen in northern Norway are warning of a Russian invasion of alien crustaceans which are threatening to ruin the local sea fauna.

They say the giant red king crab is spreading with alarming speed from Russian waters along the Norwegian coast, destroying everything in its wake.

The crab has few natural enemies, and is considered to be an omnivore, digesting everything from cod larvae to other crabs.

It seems that the crabs, which are native to the north Pacific (around Kamchatka and Alaska) were transplanted to the Barents Sea in 1960. Since then, they have spread over a much larger area.

"With the king crabs, we know that they are an enormous crab, today it's about 20 million of them in the Barents Sea. Twenty years ago there were zero."

Mr Hansson says the present annual fishing quota of 300,000 crabs must be increased. Local fishermen agree - too many king crabs ruin their nets.

Currently, Norway is planning on increasing the quota of crabs its fishermen can catch. Personally, I think the ought to drop the quota and declare an open season. If the crabs don't belong there, then they should be fished out.

Let's get the boat fired up boys, it looks like we're having crab for dinner!


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