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Thursday, August 10, 2006

The al-Qaeda Fund

Somewhere, right now, in the world a bomb is exploding. Infidels are dying. The streets are running red with their blood. Somewhere in the world, a martyr is on his way to Paradise for his reward of seventy-two virgins (see below).

Allah be praised.

Sometimes things go horribly wrong and there is no new martyr for Paradise. Only a maimed and crippled man is left. He cannot go to prayers at the mosque. He cannot herd his goats. He cannot satisfy his camel.

How very sad.

Now thanks to the al-Queda Fund, Achmed has a new wheelchair to go to the mosque. With his new prosthetics, Mahmoud can herd his goats. Even poor Musab who was rendered impotent when his bomb misfired has been helped. The al-Queda Fund has given him Viagra and his camel has never been happier!

Allah be praised.

But there is more work that needs to be done and more maimed martyrs-to-be that need our help. Please send your tax deductible donation today!


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