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the daily spew

Monday, July 12, 2004

You are an American first ...

With all the banter on Vox Popoli regarding the upcoming possible presidential election and whether or not to vote and if your vote for a third party candidate steals a vote from the Republicrat candidates, I am reminded of a story that my grandmother told me about her parish priest.

Her priest took a trip to Poland in the late 1970's to visit family. While standing in the customs line at the Warsaw airport, he overheard one of the customs officers bragging about being a Communist. When it was the priests' turn to pass through customs, he told the customs agent:

You are a Pole first, after that you can whatever you want to be.

My grandmother said that her parish priest did not have to buy a drink for the entire night.

These days it seems that what that priest said seems to apply in this country more now than ever before. It does not matter whether you were born on this soil or you raised your right hand and took the oath of citizenship; you are an American. As an American, it is your civic duty to insure that our country is governed well by people who respect the Constitution. It is your civic duty to cast out those who would temple on the most sacred document of our Republic. As an American you must vote. You must vote to restore good governance upon our lands. You must vote to drive the nonsensicalness from the sacred temples of our Republic.

These days are dark indeed for our Republic. Never in our history has there ever been talk of postponing a November election. Even in midst of the War Between the States, an election was held. There was no postponement of elections during World War Two. Those in Washington who speak of election postponments are the worst sort of blasphemers. Those who would seek to empower the Federal government with the "legal ability" to postpone or stop the election are the most vile defilers of our Republic.

These are the people that should be driven out like snakes are driven out from the barn. Like the poisonous snake that loses its head by the end of the shovel, these defilers should be cast into the darkest pits.

  • You are an American and you must vote.

  • You do not waste your vote by voting for the candidate of your choice even if that person loses the election. You waste your vote by not voting.

  • By voting for the candidate of your choice you cannot steal a vote from another candidate. Your vote is your property and it is impossible to steal from yourself.

As November approaches, we must be vigilant and keep from the reins of power those who would make us slaves. Just remember that those who wish to make us slaves have already built our jails. Should our election be postponed or outright cancelled, then it our civic duty as Americans to forcibly turn out those who would impose their tyranny upon us. Whether that event will be peaceable or violent is their decision.

Please say a prayer for our Republic.

Friday, July 09, 2004

Oh where, oh where has my little muse gone

I want to start off by apologizing to those of you who stop by looking for something new only to find the cupboard is bare. I have been trying to write lately but my muse has not been well focused. Writing can be a difficult exercise moreso if you cannot maintain your mental focus. It becomes almost impossible when you are falling asleep when you concentrate.

For several years I have suffered unknowingly from sleep apnea. You never realize how much something is wearing you down until you get so that you never feel better than tired. I can honestly say that after a week of having a decent nights sleep that my head feels better and I don't feel sluggish in the morning. I'm not back to 100% though.

When my muse is through yawning and reawakens I will have plenty to say. Hopefully between now and then I might be able to squeeze out a few words.